Dock Dog Jumping Contest

Sorry but we WILL NOT be doing Dock Dogs in 2022.

Bay Days Amateur Dock Dog Jumping Event

This is a distance jumping contest for dogs.  Register your dog for this entertaining event that gets the whole crowd excited.

Jumping time:  Saturday, July  at 1:30pm, at the 6th Ave Beach, behind the Pearson Plaza Park.              

Registration: 6th Ave Beach.

Categories:       Small Dogs (17” or shorter or 30lbs or less)

                           Adult (6 months and older)

Handlers must be at least 7 years old to compete. Handlers must restrain and control their dog(s) at all times to maintain a safe competition environment for all competition teams, spectators, and participants at the event.

2) Dogs must be kept on a slip lead or standard leash that is four (4) feet long or

SHORTER at all times while on the competition grounds. All other leashes/leads, including retractable leads (i.e. Flexi Leads), are strictly prohibited in all areas of the competition venue.

3) Dog vests and personal floatation devices are permitted.

4) Proof of Rabies shots are needed.

An object may be used to entice the dog to jump into the water, but is not required.

(A) The object must be throw-able, floatable and retrievable. Examples of an acceptable object would be a bumper, a ball, a Dead Fowl Trainer, or a Frisbee.

Dogs will be chosen randomly and jump in that order in each category

Registration Form

More information call the Ashland Chamber of Commerce  715-682-2500.